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The company TRIACA Costruzioni was founded in 1901 when Triaca Domenico called Mastrèl (chief – mason) built the church of S. Lorenzo on the Montemezzo Mountains.

The activity continues until the witness passes to his nephew Melchiorre and then to his sons: Domenico, Bruno and Antonio. These together with their father in 1962 form the first real enterprise. At the beginning the company operates in the surrounding areas, but with time also towards Como and the lower Valtellina.

TRIACA Costruzioni has been operating in the construction sector for more than a century

The best things are obtained only with the utmost passion

In 1972 Italo, the last of the surveyor brothers joined the company.
The decades passed through a work path that knew no stopping and in the 90s the new generations joined the company: Flavio, Luca and Davide.

The company receives new sap, the desire to challenge the market grows and the range of action of TRIACA Costruzioni expands over the provinces of Como, Sondrio, Milan and Varese. The workforce increases and Daniela Triaca, marketing manager, joins the team.

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